• Danfoss Turbocor TT series
  • The revolutionary Danfoss Turbocor TT centrifugal compressors

    The world's first totally oil-free compressors, are specifically designed for highly efficient chiller systems.

    They are available in four different models ranging from 60 to 200 tons.
    Danfoss Turbocor variable-speed centrifugal compressors bring premium energy efficiency to a chiller system, either water, evaporative and air-cooled chillers and to a large packaged rooftop HVAC system which utilize compressors in the 200 to 700 kW /60-200 TR capacity range. Innovative magnetic bearings provide oil-free operation, reduce system complexity and minimize maintenance.

    Key features and benefits with Danfoss Turbocor centrifugal compressors

    • Outstanding energy efficiency: Deliver competitive full load and outstanding part load efficiency enables HVAC OEM's to exceed ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 energy efficiency requirements.
    • Total oil-free operation: No oil management hardware, controls or downtime costs. Improved heat transfer efficiency.
    • Extended equipment life with minimal scheduled maintenance: Solid-state electronics, no lubrication and no metal-to-metal contact of rotating components.
    • Onboard digital controls and power electronics: Enables effective monitoring, control and self-diagnosis/correction of system operation. Eliminates some traditional OEM control and power panel costs. Reduce maintenance costs.
    • Compact: 50% less footprint and 1/4 to 1/5 the weight of traditional compressors. The actual operating weight is up tp 300 pounds, while conventional screw compressors can weigh over 1000 pounds. Reduce installation costs.
    • Environmentally responsive: Optimized for CFC-free HFC-134a, plus high-energy efficiency means reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Soft Starting: Reduces significantly the in-rush current at start up, and provides advantages to line power systems and reduces thermal stress on the stator. The start up in-rush current of Danfoss Turbocor centrifugal compressors is only 2 Amps versus a typically up to 500-600 Amps experienced by traditional screw compressors in this tonnage range.
    • Simpler design: No oil management hardware such as oil separator, oil heater and cooler, oil pump, oil filter, or controls.
    • ETL Listed 
    • CE Compliant
    • Exceptionally quiet operations: 70dBA (conversation level) sound with virtually no vibration.




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